Map of Panama

Panama: The 2.5 Year Mark “Discovering rhythm and flow”

Two and half years ago, I moved to Panama from Florida. In search of a change of scenery and a new adventure. I barely knew any Spanish and still don’t know much to this day.

But I’m not letting it hold me back.

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Not All Love Is Created Equal (…WAIT… WHAT!?)

“The way of the miracle-worker is to see all human behavior as one of two things: either love, or a call for love.” –Marianne Williamson

The 5 Love Languages1 is a book that reveals that we each feel love in different way. Problems arise, when people don’t speak the same love language. Because they could both be screaming “I love you” at the top of their lungs and not understand a word the other is saying.

  1. Do you want to discover your Love Language profile? The author of the book (Gary Chapman) has a free test on his website.

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My 3 Biggest Challenges Living In Panama

After spending several years in the United States, I made the decision to relocate to Panama (and published a post shortly after arriving).

I moved for a variety of reasons, the most succinct being “in search of a better quality of life.”

Many of you kindly wrote to me with words of encouragement, asking me to keep you posted and now that I’ve got the lay of the land, I’m writing this update to respond to that request.

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So, This Man Shoves a Gun in My Face…

Out of nowhere, this man pulls a gun and shoves it into my face.

He looks at me with menacing eyes.

A shiver runs up my spine letting me know I’m a hair trigger away from death.

I have absolutely no idea how this happened.

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ThriveTheme's for WordPress

ThriveThemes: My Favorite WordPress Themes

I’ve been blogging since 2008. I’ve personally written around 350 blog posts.

While I can’t tell you precisely how much money I’ve generated, there is barely a day that goes by that I don’t have a conversation with a current client that says:

“I’ve read such and such post on your blog…”.

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Why I Relocated to Panama

I grew up in England. In 99, I moved to the United States. Mid-2013, I relocated to Panama.

Panama was, for the most part, a leap of faith based on what I read online:

  • Lower cost of living while being able to maintain the same lifestyle
  • Beautiful beachfront condos at half the price of Sarasota
  • Lower taxes

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Bitcoin: Should You Get Onboard?

Bitcoin is form of currency – a decentralized global digital currency.

A Bitcoin is brought into existence by mining, using computers.

The easiest way to acquire Bitcoins is by exchanging Dollars, Euros, et cetera for Bitcoins.

The network is set to limit the total number of Bitcoins that can be created.

The value of Bitcoin is not set by a government, the value is set by what people are willing to pay for it.

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Will Franco AKA Flywheel

Without These 5 Skills – You Are Up the Creek Without a Paddle!

We are being bombarded by other people’s (and the powers that be) perceptions, beliefs, and attitudes all day, every day. We are being pulled in several different directions, all at the same time. There is a tug of war going on and we are the rope!

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Is Infusionsoft Right For You?

Is Infusionsoft Right For Your Business?

I’ve been on both sides of the fence, doing business with and without Infusionsoft. I have also migrated businesses into and out of Infusionsoft as well.

Infusionsoft isn’t right for everyone. It might not be right for you.

Is Infusionsoft Right For You?

In this article, I present both sides of the case, so you can weigh what is best for “your business”.

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One Login to Rule Them All

I just launched “5 Powerful Workflows That Will Reduce Your Workload and Increase Your Profits“. I call them workflows because they make up the core habits that will become part of your daily routine.

Think of it like this, you are using a regular screwdriver, I hand you a battery operated one (and teach you how to use and maintain it). The result: you can screw in more screws, in less time, with less effort. These workflows are similar to the battery operated screwdriver; once you know what they are… you will get better results, in less time, with less effort.

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Are You Suffering From The Lies That Are Born From “If Only” Statements?

In this video, you will learn about the lies created by If Only type statements. Plus, I reveal a super simple strategy for breaking up your tasks for the day.

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