Will Franco's Journal



My Belief

The world is more connected than ever before, but more fractured as well. People and corporations are struggling to adapt. Industries and professions are being replaced by robots. Change is happening at a breakneck and accelerating pace.

When do we have the opportunity to get centered on what's REALLY important?

My Solution

  1. Build frameworks to cut through the noise
  2. Create stability by developing foundation skills
  3. Use waypoints instead of fixed goals

The quote below describes how I strive to live my life:

"I will not die an unlived life. I will not live in fear of falling or catching fire. I choose to inhabit my days, to allow my living to open me, to make me less afraid, more accessible, to loosen my heart until it becomes a wing, a torch, a promise. I choose to risk my significance; to live so that which comes to me as seed goes to the next as blossom and that which comes to me as blossom, goes on as fruit." —Dawna Markova, PTP's co-founder, and CEO Emeritus

What I Do

I'm a video coach at jiveSYSTEMS. We enable sales teams to leverage video. One of the techniques we've developed is the Digital Handshake™ which has proven to increase closing ratios by 35%.


“Will is my ‘go to’ Techno boffin advisor extraordinaire. More than anyone I know he is on the bleeding edge of technology innovation. His recommendations have proven highly effective once implemented. Rarely will you find someone so adept at technology systems flow optimization and integration.” —James Schramko, SuperFastBusiness. Source: LinkedIn profile.

Marketing media and the products they hype live on hyperbole…biggest, best, #1, most effective, ad naseum, as many of us intimately know. Periodically, we encounter someone who sincerely means what he/she says. And delivers. That describes Will Franco. Brand Launcher–a strategic consulting/coaching company focused on business and marketing support for entrepreneurs–needed a tool to resolve a set of specific issues. Will worked quickly to understand our needs, identified and delivered the solution, fixed the glitches immediately, was and continues to be always available. In short, he does exactly what he says, effectively, efficiently and sincerely. What else do you need to know? Thanks, Will. —Steve Gelfand, BrandLauncher. Source: Email on May 24, 2012.

“Will, the Flywheel. impressed me early on, at one of the first Infusion software conferences in Phoenix, as an authentic human being with a flash and depth of rare genius. His devotion to helping clients succeed makes him a genuine healer and a natural nurturer to anyone wishing to Nurture Relationships with prospects, clients, and influential people. Will can speed your success and broaden your wisdom.”
—Jim Cecil, Nurture Institute.
Source: Email on July 1st, 2012.

“Will Franco is amazing. I was blown away by his business experience and knowledge. It is possible to find someone gifted in technology and also to find someone very knowledgeable in business, but it is rare to find someone like Will who has highly developed skills in both! He not only knew what we needed to do, but how to construct and accomplish it. He listened carefully to what we wanted to accomplish and then clearly explained how to do it in very innovative ways. Our delivery and capture processes are light years ahead of where they were before working with Will. Every minute working with him was educational and productive! Will is a businessman himself so he appreciates the urgency, needs, and importance of my business and it showed when I worked with him. Get all the knowledge you can – any way you can – from this man! He’s on my speed dial now!” —Tim Buchanan, Communicate Forward Source: LinkedIn profile.

“Will Franco is simply the best! He is fiercely dedicated to his client’s success and holds nothing back in his commitment to helping them achieve it. He is rich in resources and creativity and has vast technical knowledge, but shares all of this in a way that is understandable and easily applicable. He is patient, considerate and truly a joy to work with. He has a great skill set, combining the ability to see a business from the highest level with being facile researching and evaluating the tools that may simplify and improve a business’s processes and/or create distinction among the competition. He gets the importance of structure and systems, as well as branding, marketing and sales, and brings a unique perspective of all of these into his coaching and consulting. The highest recommendation I can offer for Will is that I will continue to rely on him as a consultant for my businesses, and will welcome every scrap of input he provides me.” —Dr. Bob Uslander, Doctors On Purpose. Source: LinkedIn profile.

“Thank you so much for helping us out. Here’s what happened: you suggested a new add-on to our blog, installed it, and we’ve since created 10 new pages ourselves. We’re able to easily create our own opt-in, sales and video pages. We’re no longer at the mercy of outside tech people who promise to help, but don’t follow-through on a timely basis. You saved us months of agonizing back and forth, and more importantly, lost sales. That one session will make the difference between frustration and irritation, and tens of thousands of dollars in additional revenue” —Gail Doby, DesignSuccessU. Source: LinkedIn profile.

“Will Franco is the real deal when it comes to coaching and increasing your income level from it’s current status! Will can easily break down what you need to focus on in your business and help you streamline your success by implementing processes and systems in your business! If your looking for a coach then I highly endorse and can recommend Will from my own personal experience working with him!” —Peter Humleker, Miami Internet Marketing. Source: LinkedIn profile.

“Will is an online Video marketing expert and a great coach to work with. He is an extremely honest person whom I have had the pleasure to work with for almost 2 years now. He will strike you first by his sharp communications skills, his empathy and his listening skills which are far above normal on this planet . I not only consider him as one of the next Internet Gurus who will revolutionize the way we do business over the internet but also as a specimen of the new race of “givers” who are in business not for themselves only but with a higher purpose than their own self. I can only warmly recommend Will and Jive Systems to anyone. He has transformed my business and he still keeps coaching me on the new economy, its power and its online opportunities. When you hire Will as a coach you will immediately get: – simple and actionable coaching tips – a bridge that is easy to cross from your world to his world – a holistic view of your business and on how to best help you The online world is full of charlatans out there because it is so complex to connect all the dots when you do not come from that world. Will has access to a lot of various experts in the field of Internet marketing and will help you connect the dots with the right people. I remember one time when I was ready to pay a lot of money to hire a SEO expert and he told me not to because my business (and myself) was not ready for it and I had to go through other steps first, and he put me in contact with the right people and saved me a lot of money by helping me avoid a costly mistake. Last but not least remember that Will in not just a coach, he owns his own company too and he walks his talk…”
—Philippe Le Baron, LB4GConsulting. Source: LinkedIn profile.

Will, your sincerity, and passion are evident. In a world that had gotten so deceived into a “protect mine,” dog-eat-dog, limited resources mindset you are modeling a give, sow, serve, and multiply paradigm. As I have learned many things from you, I am appreciating your improvements regarding breaking things down into digestible and usable information! Thanks for being a source for collapsing timeframes and getting things done!
—Dave Barefoot, Visions Home Health Software. Source: Blogging Strategy: Post to Page Relationship and Conversion.

Your information is dynamite and you’re able to explain it in a simple, practical, and easy to understand way. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom.
—Susan Freidman, RichesInNiches. Source: Blogging Strategy: Post to Page Relationship and Conversion.

Will, all I can say is “Just Excellent”! Excellent in all aspects. I believe in the talk: “Engage, Inform, and Inspire” I have participated in many, many webinars, and yours is the first to walk the talk. Especially when it came to “INSPIRE” which I think is a unique idea. Most webinars end with a Hard Sell. Ha, ha, Lol! 😉 You just devoted a huge amount of time to SERVING the participants! I have managed IBM & Lenovo Teams for 25 years, and the last 6 years an Internet marketing company, I own, at the same time. —Paul Gothier, AmericanEagle. Source: Email on Dec 3, 2010.