Will Franco's Journal



Keys to Video

I’ve worked with hundreds of small business owners and sales professionals, and the ones that generate the most sales and referrals with video have mastered these five keys. I’ll show you how to produce pro-quality videos quickly using inexpensive equipment, explain the different types of videos you can produce, go over how and when the leverage video, and more…

Chapters: Equipment, Strategy, Location, Comfort, and Readiness.
Cost: Free. (Updated 2014).

Powerful Workflows

Gain the competitive advantage by leveraging the workflows revealed in this course. You will get an ebook that will give you a 50K view of each workflow. In addition, a series of video tutorials that walk you through the setup process and best practices. The video tutorials will help you make the workflows part of your routine.

Workflows: Logins, Email, Surfing, Notetaking, and Money Making.
Cost: $45 Now Free. (Published 2012).


Time, energy and imagination create wealth, not a big budget. We blend tried and true enterprise level business management principles with modern marketing strategies. This is the basis for the Rocket2Profit formula.

Chapters: Sales & Marketing, Leadership & Management, and Change Management.
Cost: Free. (Published 2010).