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Why I Relocated to Panama

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I grew up in England. In 1999, I moved to the United States. In 2013, I moved to Panama.

Panama was, mostly, a leap of faith based on what I read online:

  • Lower cost of living (e.g. taxes, health and car insurance)
  • Beautiful beachfront condos at two-thirds of the price of Sarasota

I’ve been here eight months. I live in a beautiful beachfront condo. I’ve purchased a car. Every morning, I run on the beach and swim in the ocean. I’m a couple of weeks away from having my "Friendly Nations" Visa. And most importantly, I’ve opened the door to new friendships and experiences that have enriched my life immensely.


Cost of Living Comparison

  • Beachfront Condo in Sarasota $2500 per month vs. Panama $1500 per month
  • Car insurance in Sarasota $1500 per year vs. Panama $355 per year
  • Health insurance in Sarasota $2500 per year vs. Panama $1000 per year
  • Groceries in Sarasota $150 per week vs. Panama $120 per week
  • Annual Cost of Living in Sarasota $41,200 vs. Panama $25,115

Before moving to Panama, I thought Kia and Hyundai were second-rate cars. In the United States, I drove a Lexus LS430; before that a Jaguar XJ8. I now own a Kia Sportage, which I paid for cash, as opposed to leasing.


My Kia is my favorite car yet… and not just because I have no monthly payment.

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